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Welcome To Sydney Endovascular Specialists!

Our facilities is located in Sydney, NSW were a set of qualified, certified and experienced doctors offer a plethora of treatment of vascular conditions and diseases. Our centre was founded in 2011 and since we have witnessed an exponential growth in our market reputation and number of people seeking our help. It is because we provide endovascular services to help treat issues of the veins or arties in the minimally invasive way.

We pride ourselves at having state of the art equipment, machines and tools for performing ultrasound surgical procedures, imaging, scanning,bypass and much more. Over the years, we have treated thousands of people with blocked or narrow blood vessels, aneurysms, DVT, peripheral artery disease, varicose veinsor any other problem that inhibit blood circulation and proper functioning of the vascular system of the body.

We can provide unparalleled services because our team comprises of Vascular Surgeons and an Interventional Vascular Physician / Cardiologist that can perform procedures expertly. Additionally, they offer diagnosis, assessment, consultation, treatment and post-treatment care with dedication, passion and determination.




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Who Is The Boss?

Our facility is managed and founded by a team of four dynamic and qualified vascular surgeons. Every one of them has over 20 years of experience with MBBS and MD qualifications from reputed universities in Australia.


Dr. James Hunt

Vascular surgeon

Dr. Chandar Burns

Vascular surgeon

Dr. Leila Mather

Vascular surgeon

Dr. Lily Chand

Vascular surgeon

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the best endovascular and vascular treatments in Sydney, NSW at our facility. Our entire team of surgeons and medical staff is in line with this goal and helps people suffering from diseases and conditions affecting their arteries and veins.

Our Vision

Currently our services are offered in Sydney, but we plan to expand. Our vision is to have more quality centre across NEW South Wales to help people with vascular system issues even if they are small ones like varicose or spider veins. We wish to treat one and all.

Our Values

For us the patient and his/her needs always come first. We do our best to tend to their issues and provide the best treatment options. We treat each person with respect and dignity ensuring their values are never compromised or threatened while they are under our care.

Our Quality Policies

Quality assurance is a significant part of our services since we deal with sensitive and non-invasive treatments. You can rely on us to use the latest technologies, state of the art equipment and maintain utmost professionalisms during consultations, assessment, tests, surgeries, procedures etc.

Our Approach Towards Vascular Healthcare

Sydney Endovascular Specialists understand the importance of keeping the vascular system running smoothly and healthilyto help people lead quality lives. Therefore, we provide a wide array of non-invasive treatments for vascular conditions and diseases. At our facility we encourage communication among endovascular specialists to provide customised and affordable solutions to people.

While providing our healthcare services our goal is to achieve 100% success and come up with a permanent solution. Additionally, we keep exploring the best ways to help people impacted by vascular conditions and diseases to get treatment and live their lives normally and without complications.